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The nerd receives the Girl: well known socially mismatched TV lovers

The nerd receives the Girl: well known socially mismatched TV lovers

We like a great underdog facts. particularly when there’s romance involved. There’s absolutely nothing since rewarding as seeing a lovable comical guide geek victory one’s heart on the prom queen — or watching a quarterback trip head over heels for a math geek.

We’ve chosen our very own 12 preferred tales of shameful personal misfits getting the woman — or chap — regarding desires. Without a doubt, it cann’t usually work-out. but for one shining minute, cafeteria hierarchy is actually confirmed outdated. John Hughes could be proud.

Click right through the gallery to discover when your ‘ship produced the cut!

Her: Uber hottie summertime (Rachel Bilson) got therefore cool she didn’t know Seth’s name. She was actually prom king not once, but two times. Without any is ever going to say “Chino? Ew!” very ways she did.

Him: the guy seated in the children’ desk after all the club events, generally got their footwear urinated in by mad liquids polo players, and he named his motorboat after the woman before she actually knew his name.

The story: essentially, there seemed to be no chance of their previously resisting his geeky appeal. They completely got hitched! And in addition we cried! (FOX)

The girl: While not just on top of the social hierarchy, Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) was actually an undeniable chick, with a bad-girl charms that had Dillon’s most eligible bachelors simply hoping she’d have intoxicated sufficient to boogie with these people.

Him: Landry (Jesse Plemmons) was the lead artist of a Christian rockband called Crucifictorious. As he ended up beingn’t precisely a looker, he previously a-sharp tongue — and, due to the fact college mathematics geek, the guy produced a great tutor for any poor girl on a path to redemption.

The story: Basically, they unintentionally murdered a rapist, attempted to include it, and dropped in love, in what would end up being the sole storyline that experts basically hated universally. Continuar lendo The nerd receives the Girl: well known socially mismatched TV lovers